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For any online entrepreneur, making effective e-commerce websites can become a real breakthrough that'll make the business prosper. For most webmasters, getting a continuous supply of visitors to your website is the best part of the e-commerce success. Different sites employ various methods of getting spam away from their websites. In many cases, website admins filter out the Google user accounts, which seem to have a certain level of referral spam. Many commercial sites manage their traffic and clients using an IP address. This phenomenon means that it is possible to monitor a person or user computer easily by using cookies.

Jack Miller, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, thinks that you can enhance the precision of your Google Analytics data by excluding the traffic, which comes from your company staff. Most of these visits are experimental and do not result in a purchase making the entire data set inaccurate. Some referral spam visits also occur in a similar manner affecting some specific IP addresses. It can be important to use some of the advanced filters of Google Analytics. Some of the common ways to do this can involve automating a custom filter in the Google Analytics Admin panel.

Referral spam is messages which come from a common domain. These spam emails usually contain some instructions which tend to make unsuspecting victims to lose valuable information. That is why there are special Google Analytics filters created to cope with this problem. These filters block botnet traffic coming from spamming domains. This measure can secure your website from some of the most frequent spam attacks. For instance, hackers can steal credit card information as well as other valuable data from unsuspecting individuals through a variety of ways. Some of the most widespread ways used by cyber criminals include phishing and cross site attacks.

Filtering your IP address

Create a Google Analytics account or login in your account to control IP address from this panel. First of all, you should stick to a static IP platform of your company. This means that you should use a conventional router board for your business, which can be configured to a static IP. Using numerous internet sources can make the devices assume a dynamic IP address, which can be difficult to track. For instance, devices accessing the internet from mobile broadband can have a dynamic IP address. Among these devices are mobile phones and tablets using a carrier data plan service.

In the admin panel, you can select a custom filter. In these cases, you can input the static IP address of the network which you want to exclude from Google Analytics. As a result, you'll find various domains and IP addresses, which you would like to exclude from your traffic. These settings are available here. It is also possible to keep off referral spam and their traffic using this custom filter.

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